Monday, 2 June 2014

What's in store this year at Shangri-la?

We'll, I've been waiting in anticipation all year to see what everybodies favourite field at the worlds best festival has to offer. 
Geurilla science are back with this years offering ,"Harvey Nipples" and love bullets are are back again, can wait to see what their offering is. 
Hers a pic of love bullets 3 years back just to remind you :  - awesome .  http://guerrilla 

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Astral CIC Helps Out Community Festivals

Hi! I thought it may be time to do an update on my earlier post.if you're involved in festivals & community events take a look. 
 I'm forming a CIC around Astral this year with the express purpose of helping community events. I'm also setting up a community arts charity in Luton Medway that is now getting & commissions father afield 
So far I'm out with Alice in wasteland & wango's at Brighton fringe this week & am off to light up the pavilion at Ramsgate Front festival next week, with more projects in Chelmsford, Peckham & more in Brighton underway. Whilst other projects in Eastern Europe, holland & France are coming to fruition too. Both organisations are up for partnerships & joint funding apps. It a genuine offer believe in your dreams & just ask. :-) 

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

seeking creative clients who are daring in the extreme

This season I'm looking to share something with participants of festivals ,& I appreciate help anyway I can get it in getting word out about a kind  of resource I'm offering
I'm looking to assist creative endeavour for minimal cost, I have huge resources  available- structures, staging, lighting, projection,etc .  Probably the best way to illustrate it is with the mail pasted bellow:
I am seeking creative clients who are daring in the extreme I  happy to work as a freelance in lighting design, production & projection & I'm keen to support projects that are innovative & that push the boundaries of event production. Im happy to support ethical charity events & production start ups. For the right endeavours I'm happy to commit the resources off all the companies affiliated with me at affordable cost in the pursuance of art, theatre & creative events. 

James Waudby

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Having survived the post Olympic upheaval we are about to launch  a sympathetic resource for like minded  organisations, companies & individuals, where the emphasis is on being creative  daring & where pursuance of excellence is the primary objective .& where dull is not tolerated There’s lot of stock here, it’ll be the right price for the right projects we want to make excellent work even better.
 In the meantime there will be news soon about a pan-European touring community show & I hope to finally get the integrated live projection performance project up & running in the coming months. 
It’s time for us at all Astral to go back to our Roots, Director James Waudby is now concentrating on creative projects here & abroad & Astral Design returns to its original status as a resource for the creative teams around and & involved with us. 
There’s lots of exiting initiatives & opportunities to shine & excel once again with projects spanning many mediums disciplines.