Tuesday, 21 May 2013

projection screens hire all over London this week

St Paul's crypt projection screen

St Paul's crypt projection screen

this weeks run if shows begins withal charity bash in St Paul's Crypt where we provided this little screen.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

eclectic week

Sunday afternoon acoustic gigs suit me very well after a busy week. headline at 7.15. for th rock band. beats Friday's corporate dj.

All Systems Go For Shangri- la at Glastonbury

Finally we are in production for Shangri-la at Glastonbury again- everyone is very excited about this year’s developments & can’t wait to get their teeth into it with some great architecurural light installations planned... more new as it develops, see what weve done it the past here & look to the future.

The beginning of May was flat out with the major project being the press Junket for the premier of fast & furious 6. Astral stepped into the breach to produce 7 custom structures to be deployed as camera overhangs for the shoot featuring wide shots of the London skyline for the interviews. The custom builds we individual designed to fit each balcony location on the 13th & 15th floors of the park Plaza hotel Westminster. It was not on the movie that was fast & furious on this particular occasion.