Thursday, 4 February 2016

#daretodream project extends offer to #shambala competition winners

H#shambala are following in the footsteps of festival creative inovators @shangrilaglasto & running a competition to win a chance to install a nano venue  at the 2016 festival. 
Great for an in for up to 6 people to a realy cool festival. Not so good if you need to earn a living. So on the spirit of the #daretodream project Ive decided to open the doors of dare to dream to the winners - scroll down blog to find out more. 
Dare to dream has provided full production to events that now have exceeded 10s of 1000s of visitors. #becausewecan - so go ahead apply & we will be happy to suply 
no excuse not to dazzle the old school now! 

Monday, 18 January 2016

Luminaire london

Luminaire  London - I only got to see  one one, but had endless people telling me it was a let down & I was frankly shocked at the installation on Westminster Abbey. We are london - an iconic city - an iconic building - is this the best the Uk has to offer? From the rest I can see some are big companies capitalising on an opportunity to market technology to a corporate market -about as far removed from art is I can imagine. One installation was on a high value corporate I was involved in last year - PR stunt for the launch of a whiskey. 
Shocking if we invested a fraction of the budgets & funding on actually artist perhaps we could again be great leaders.